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WineCalc freeware for making wine.

Amophora winemaking log (limited use as shareware or web-based).  Also see other
winemaking calculators on their site.

Winemaker's Log Chart & Sulfite Calculator from Wine Maker magazine.

Pearson's Square to blend wines, sweeten must or wine, or fortify wine.  Requires
Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  

Some useful
conversions and links to reference tables.

Davis Scoring System of sensory evaluation
spreadsheet & AC Nobel's Aroma Wheel

AlcoVol (freeware) graphical, interactive, fluid volume conversions for Windows

Wine Maker's Calculator:
Vin Calc spreadsheet (free spreadsheet for Excel).
Whether you are hosting or preparing a must, this calculator has something for you.
Check back for updates on the author's site.

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these files.  Click
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